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US-Russian Tensions and the 21st C version of the Cold War

Dates: 04/25/2019 (Thu): 7:00 pm
Category: Campus Events

Are today’s tensions between Russia and the United States a 21st C version of the Cold War?

On Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 7pm in the Gilman Center: Library room 130, Dr. Heather DeHaan will explain why she and other Russia observers believe that to be the case -- that indeed, a sense of déjà vu exists with today’s tensions being a new iteration of Cold War fears and strategies.

After briefly surveying well-known points of tension, including NATO expansion and color revolutions, as well as the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, her lecture entitled             The Iron Curtain Moves East: US-Russian Tensions Since 2014, will discuss the vulnerability of Vladimir Putin’s sovereign democracy, the strategy behind Russian cultural politics, and also Russia’s reasons for meddling in US electoral and media space.

Heather DeHaan received her BA from Redeemer University College of Ancaster, Hamilton, Ontario, and her MA and PhD at University of Toronto. Presently, she is Associate Professor and Chair of History at Binghamton University where she teaches graduate seminars, and undergraduate seminars and lectures. She has received five academic awards including the SUNY  Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, she has been the recipient of 14 fellowships, grants, and scholarships and has written many articles, book chapters, book reviews, and academic presentations. She authored Stalinist City Planning: Professionals, Performance, and Power and is currently studying neighborhood and inter-ethnic relations during the late Soviet period in Baku, Azerbaijan. DeHaan is a multi-linguist with varying degrees of proficiencies in five languages.       

This lecture, which is free and open to the public, is co-sponsored by Global Initiative and Cultural Affairs.  Questions may be directed to Cultural Affairs at (845)341-4891 and ~   website:

The Gilman Center is located in Room 130 of the SUNY Orange Library at the corner of South Street and East Conkling Avenue – GPS: 14 East Conkling Avenue, Middletown. Free parking is available in various college lots and the parking garage plus on street.

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Announcement: US-Russian Tensions and the 21st C version of the Cold War