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Employee Changes in Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources and the Payroll department have had some exciting changes this summer.

First we would like to introduce our newest member to the Human Resources Department, Jasmine Dwyer. Jasmine is our Human Resource Associate and is replacing Pam and Nicole, who left our office last September.

Jasmine brings with her not only a wealth of human resource experience but also a great enthusiasm to work in an educational institution.

Next, Irma Martine from Payroll retired on July 27 after 15 years of service at the college. We have revamped her position into a managerial role to help facilitate all the changes that will be occurring in payroll in the next few years.

After a search this summer, we are excited to announce that Laura Motisi is our new Assistant Director of Payroll. Please call or stop by to welcome them in their new roles!

Wendy Holmes
Human Resources