My Little Blog for the Third Act of My Gay Life

I have signed up for 6 months of Meetup to be able to organize my own groups.  ($100.00) I wanted to have meetups that are different than the hookup apps that allowed people to meet each other.  The first one I put out there is for The Garage on a Sunday afternoon, a gay bar here in Vegas.  I figured that was an easy meetup for most people.  I want to do some other meetups doing hikes, bike rides, movies, theater and so much more but want to start with an easy one.  

I have another one scheduled for after the cruise to the Henderson Museum.  It’s a walkable museum that has a log of opportunities for conversation starters.  Plus since everyone is free to walk around on their own it will give everyone a chance to meet a bunch of people.  It’s actually a great location.  The only problem with both of these as well as the group in general is that almost all of the people joining or women.  I am fine with women being part of the group, I think that makes it funner, but if there aren’t men in the group it kind of defeats the purpose.  I am hoping if I go on Sunday I can meet a few guys and get them to join the group.  That’s the plan.  

The First Meetup

I am bout to head out for my first meetup.  It’s an easy one.  Just meeting at the gay bar.  There was 5 other people going as of this morning but one has already cancelled.  Figured that would happen.  We will see if any of the others show up.  I am surprisingly not overly nervous about this.  It’s very similar to how I feel when heading into a new dealership where I don’t know anyone.  I know it will be uncomfortable for a few minutes and then it will be easy.  

Later: The first Meetup is done.  Briana (Bri) came in first right after me.  We had a chance to talk for about 15 minutes before anyone else arrived which is good. She is the one that I had a good feeling about.  Casey showed up after that and she was really nice and easy to talk to as well.  Jim showed up about 20 minutes later which was kind of rude to begin with but anything someone said, he had this look as if he was rolling his eyes without rolling them.  He said for about a half hour and then left.  The rest of us staid around and talked for a while before splitting up.  The conversation went pretty smoothly all the way around which was nice.  Overall it was a pretty good first meetup.  I am looking forward to the meetup at the Henderson Museum even if it is only lesbians.  

The important part is I did it.  I did it.  I did it. I did it.  I can’t believe I fucking did it.  Maybe I should sign up for the dating apps.  

The Henderson Museum

My second meetup is at the Clark County Museum and after it being out there for a few weeks there are 12 people going and all but one are lesbians. That sucks.  I’m still going to go because I think it will be fun and the couple people I met on the last one were really nice.  They also wanted to meet other lesbians and seemed pretty happy about the group so if I can’t meet someone, I might as well introduce them.  It’s in 3 days and I really hope it goes good.  

I went to the meetup today.  Six other people showed up.  It was fun but nothing earth shattering or even much to talk about.  I think that is the important take away from this day. It was nothing. The same guy that came last time came today and we hung out a little and talked but he is just not my type and honestly, not someone I would hang out with.  Brie came which was nice and the other ladies that came were all nice but once again, it’s not like we are becoming friends or texting or hanging out outside the meetup. 

Out next one is in a week at the Henderson Art Festival.  I want to go to that one anyway so might as well make it meetup.  If nothing comes from that one, I think I will be calling it a day on Meetup.  I have known a lot of people that have had a great time with Meetups but it may just not be for me.  

Henderson Art Festival

We had 11 people sign up.  7 showed up including me.  I’m actually okay with that because the 7 that showed up were all awesome.  Brie, Casie, Tatiana, (Dee but she doesn’t really count), Casie 2 and her girlfriend. We walked around the festival a couple times and then went to the Hardway8 to get a drink and some food.  Casie and her girlfriend showed up right after.  Casie, Tatiana and Brie I had all met before and knew they were awesome.  Casie2 and her girlfriend both seemed really nice and would love to see them again.  No guys once again. Even Jim was a no show.  Whatever.  I can’t do anything about that.  

Before I went to this meetup I was ready to call it a day on  After this one, and hearing everyone say they want to do more, I have changed my mind and scheduled a couple more.  We will see how those go and go from there.