My Little Blog for the Third Act of My Gay Life

I have researched a ton of different dating apps.  I have been on a lot of them in the past.  I have landed on Hitch.  A dating app that is known for finding relationships and not just hookups.  Its a little weird because you don’t put in your requirements, such as age, race, religion or any other preferences.  You talk about yourself in a number of different ways and then it matches you regardless of those traits.  I just filled out all of the intro questionnaires and went through probably 50 people and “hearted” about 6 total.  I was being pretty picky because why waste my time. I also didn’t pick anyone that looked out of range except for one case where he was too cute.  

I upgraded to the premium for 3 months.  Most of the people that it’s showing me are lower 30s.  As much as I would like that, I just don’t think its realistic.  Two people I liked last night liked me back but on closer look I passed on them.  Pictures say a lot.  That’s all I will say.  More soon.  

First Week In

I am finishing up my first week on Hinge.  It started out quite a few people even if I didn’t say yes to the vast majority of them but since that first day it has been one or two a day, sometimes none.  It keeps suggesting I widen my search.  Not sure if that means a wider geographical area or suggesting I lessen my attractions but either way, that doesn’t work for me.  No point in looking at people that live further away or aren’t my type because that isn’t going to work in the end.  I would rather not even go down that road.  We have a few more months though, so I will keep looking.  

Second Week In

Okay, too funny. I got a notification from the app tonight with a profile of one of the other members that I had seen before and passed on.  I don’t know why, but for whatever reason I wasn’t feeling it.  Tonight though they basically said I am too fucking picky and needed to lighten up.  He is a 95% match for me and I need to talk to him.  I love it.  The app is calling me out.  I actually hearted one of his comments about Anthony Michael Hall and 80s movies.  We will see if he responds.  

A Few Weeks In

Okay, so I have been watching the app for a few weeks now.  I started talking to one guy while I was on the cruise but we chatted back and forth for a minute or two and then stopped. I’m just not good at the small talk, at least not over an app.  Even with him though, I didn’t feel an attraction so I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.  Maybe that is why I didn’t have anything to say.  Today there was a guy on there that just had something that attracted me but he was 37.  I dismissed him but then I got a message that he had liked my photo.  I went back in and liked his comment which matched us.  

Okay… well, forget him.  He removed himself from being a match just now. LOL. Well, fuck. What can you do?  It doesn’t matter.  It just means he wasn’t right for me.  I need to keep trying.  

Wrap it Up!

This has been much less exciting than I originally thought it would be.  It has been quite a few weeks and I rarely even look at it anymore.  When I do it shows men either way too young or guys that are my age that I’m just not attracted to.  That is the tough side of being my age.  I don’t want guys my age, at least none that I have met so far, but I don’t even go for the guys younger than me because I assume they want someone their own age.  It’s kind of a catch 22.  

You would think that I would think differently after having had a much younger guy on each of the last two cruises I was on but those were different.  In both cases I met them, got to know them a little, spent time drinking and having fun with them, and then something happened.  It wasn’t just looking at a picture on their phone and saying yes.  Hinge does at least attempt to make it about more than just looks but in the end, looks are a big deal.  I think you see someone and either feel it or not if you are “shopping” for a guy on line.  That’s much different than meeting in person and getting to try it on, see how it feels and realize something you may have not originally liked actually looks good on you.  

I think this works for a lot of guys.  I know a lot that it has.  I just don’t think it’s for me.