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Every Cruise is a Gay Cruise

Are you looking for a gay cruise?  Years ago that would have meant something completely different than it does today.  Now there are options.  Now, every cruise is a gay cruise.  I can’t even remember the last time I went on a cruise and there wasn’t gay men, women and trans all over the cruise.  It is a safe place for all of us.  

There are 3 different types of gay cruises;  chartered gay cruises that are gay all day, every day, gay groups that are groups of gay men and women booking together and there are every day cruises that have plenty of gay men and women on them.  All of them are fun and they all offer something for a different demo.  

Chartered Gay Cruises are pretty much from one company now days.  Atlas Events, which also owns RSVP Vacations, are chartered gay cruises and vacations.  They take over the whole ship and arrange the entertainment, activities and the price of the cruise.  If you are looking for a 100% gay cruise this is for you.  The benefits and drawbacks are all based on your preferences.  On these cruises, they take over the whole ship.  The normal shows and entertainment may not be available but they will have their own events and entertainment, typically leaning towards gay interests.  Atlas tends to be more of the stereotype for gay cruises but a lot of people want that.  RSVP has traditionally been known for calmer, more mature cruises but they are slowly fading out because if this is what you want, you can choose a regular cruise and get basically the same thing.  

Gay Groups are from individual travel agents and they are just local groups of gay and lesbian travelers.  With these groups, there may be more than just the cruise.  They either already know each other or may have meetups before the cruise to engage and get to know one another.  On the ship, you have everything you would normally have on the ship as far as entertainment and activities but also have a group of close friends.  

Regular Cruises are just your regular cruise.  You may not think they are gay cruises, but let me tell you, every cruise is a gay cruise.  There are always a lot of gay men and women on the cruise and every cruise ship that I have been on has gay meetups.  That doesn’t always mean the gay and lesbian people will go there, but we do have a way of finding each other.  On our last cruise, they didn’t go to the meetup but everyone met in the piano bar later in the night and hung out the rest of the cruise.  The nice thing about the gay community is that once we find each other, we stick together.  

It doesn’t matter which one you prefer.  There is something for all of us now.  And it may just depend on your mood.