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Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits is a book about developing good habits and getting rid of the bad ones.  I have listened to the whole book, no small feat when it comes to me listening to these types of books, and am on my second listen.  While I listen to it again though, I need to actually do what they say to do.  With that said, one of the things they talk about in the book is spending all your time planning what you are going to do and feeling like that is doing it.  I need to make small, concise steps and processes without getting too much in the weeds on planning it.  

First Step: Defining My Identity

The first step to building lasting habits is to define my identity in the way I see myself and what I show to the people around me.  

First Step: A Few Small Habits

Add a few small habits to your day.  Use the stacking technique and capitalize on the habits I already have in the morning to reinforce them.  Develop a few habits and follow the 4 rules for creating good habits.

    1. Que - The trigger that make you take an action.

    2. Craving

    3. Response

    4. Reward - The reward for doing the habit.


     The Habit: Put on your workout clothes in the morning.

      Stacking: After I take the shower.

      Reward: The act of doing it

     The Habit: Scan & prioritize emails. Go through emails, add “to do’s” to Monday, garbage or read later folder.

      Stacking: Right after I make coffee, before I walk Cash.

      Reward: Organized day is the reward.

     The Habit: Go to the gym.  Do any workout for any length of time, just go.

      Stacking: After I check email and resolve anything urgent.

      Reward: Stamp the calendar.

Email Habits: