My Little Blog for the Third Act of My Gay Life

“Hey You”

This started out as a way to encourage me to get out of my shell but has turned into much more.  It’s now a journey into the next phase of my life.

My Solo Cruise

Does it force you to step outside your comfort zone?  Are you already a social butterfly and love it?  Or do you end up spending the whole cruise alone?  I am about to find out because due to a family emergency I am heading out alone.  See my experience here.

Life Values

I have been listening to a lot of Brene’ Brown and one of the things she talks about is defining your core values.  I loved that idea and decided to choose my three.  Courage, Gratitude and Balance topped my list for good reasons.  They may not be yours, but for me I need to use them as measurement sticks for everything in my life.  Read More

Can Vacation Sex be More?

You meet a guy on vacation.  He is hot, you have that connection and all your friends are saying call him.  Do you?  Is there any point?  Does he think you are that guy?  I’m about to find because I am going to call him.  Will he not take my call, blow me off or go on a date when I am in town?  Find out here

Courage  *  Gratitude *  Balance

Using Meetup to Meet Friends

It can be hard to meet other gay friends or more.  The website promises to make it fun and easy. Are they still popular enough and even more important, popular enough with the gay community, to make the effort worth while?  Find out if it worked for this natural born introvert here.